Dotcom Glazing offer a comprehensive range of products for commercial applications in both the new build and refurbishment markets.

Whether it is a block of flats, apartments, office complexes, schools, police stations etc, the architectural glazing systems on offer will generally meet all the requirements incorporated within the specification.


Window styles

Casement, inward/ outward opening, pivot, tilt/turn, top swing, slide, fixed light, parallel styles– are all available with a choice of locking systems.

Door styles

Hinged inward/outward opening, concealed closer, slide, bi-folding – are available manual/automatic operation,  emergency release, with a choice of locking mechanisms.

Entrance Doors and Screens

Thermally broken or standard aluminium available, manual/automatic, hinged/ sliding/bi-parting/revolving are all within our range of options.

Curtain Walling – The High Rise System

Is a curtain wall which can be designed and installed as a vertical, facet shaped or slope glazed feature to the building offering maximum light with a pleasing aesthetic appearance to both large and small buildings.

A wide choice of mullions and transoms along with a variety of featured external capping  offers great flexibility in design whilst still allowing rapid on-site installation.

Curtain Walling – The Low Rise System

Is a product which facilitates a ‘ladder-frame method of fabrication in the factory allowing the product to be delivered pre-assembled in sections ready for fast and efficient quality installation on site.

This system accommodates a wide range of windows and entrance doors making it ideally suited for low and medium rise facades, shop fronts and showrooms.

Curtain Walling – Structural/Semi-structural Glazing

Are systems designed to give a seamless uninterrupted glass to glass facade within the structure of the building. It can constructed by using concealed transoms and top hung frameless vents as a semi-structural facade or by using ‘spider’ fixings for fixed glazed screen.

These systems are very versatile and can be used on both high and low rise structures

Brie Soleil

Designed to be mounted to the exterior of a building to reduce the glare and heat factor on vulnerable areas of  property. The system can incorporate automatic gearing (ie. Solar control) for maximum benefits, and adds an aesthetic feature to the overall design of the property.


Glass or Featured designed product ideal for balconies, staircases, external walkways etc.,

A versatile product offering a high degree of safety whilst being a very eye-catching  and practical inclusion to any building

Many options of finishes are available( stainless steel, painted etc) along with different assembly combinations.


Bespoken design Glazed canopies for Entrances, Links, Walkways etc are available within our range of aluminium systems.

Fabricated to your specific detail or proposed by our design team, you can have the produce suitable for your purpose whilst enhancing the appearance of the property.

Fire Screens

Fabricated in aluminium or steel,  and glazed to meet the current Building regulations and directives , are available to your required specification or can be designed to a bespoken detail by our designers. Technical specification can be supplied on request.

Secondary Glazing

A comprehensive range of styles of glazing (hinge, lift-out, slide, fixed etc..)  are available to suit bolt-on applications to existing primary installations or can be incorporated with a new primary glazing programme for acoustic enhancement to meet contract specification requirements.

Security Windows & Doors

A specifically design system of high security windows & doors are available for installations where the building is vunerable to vandal attack or intrusion into sensitive areas of the property.

The products are available glazed or with integral mesh security panelling installed. Test certification data is available with a quotation, on request.

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