The Heritage window and door products were specifically designed and introduced to the commercial market for a prestigious project in Cardiff Docks regeneration programme.The buildings in question were to be refurbished from their previous use into exclusive apartment blocks.The original steel windows were in a poor state of repair, single glazed and not thermally efficient so had to be replaced.

The initial plans were to replace them with an updated thermally broken and double glazed steel system, but this was proving expensive against the budget and the delivery times were not good.

Dotcom’s System Supply Company then designed and produced the Heritage window, in thermally broken aluminium , to aesthetically match the sight lines and detail of the original steel products.This proved very successful both for the project in question and for future applications as the cost of the product proved very competitive and the availability of finished products very satisfactory.The system has developed extensively over the years and now has features which not only replicate those of the steel windows and doors but more added features and benefits.

The product is ideal for factory, warehouse, office and apartment buildings which currently have steel windows and doors fitted, whether these are individually installed windows and doors or part of combination frames, which were a popular design in the mid-90’s as you can see from some of the pictorial illustrations on this website.

Various styles of opening windows allow for some flexibility in design and application, and along with the traditional ‘pigtail’ handle and cockspur locking the Heritage system offers multi-point locking mechanism incorporated into the extrusion with an expertly designed gearbox for the locking mechanism.